Sunday, my favorite day lately

Pilot Butte Moon

It was much darker and prettier than this photo suggests

Nice day, overall. Met a new friend and her kids at the park, where we chatted and let the kids play a bit. We took Ruby—she’s been kind of stressed out lately—she didn’t want to get in the car, although she clearly wanted to go with us. Once we got her in and down to the park, she wouldn’t relax and lay down, but seemed hyper alert to all that was going on. It’s a large park, and there were a lot of people and other dogs constantly going by.

Afterwards, we walked down to the river access and she waded in and drank some water and my younger step-kids waded a bit. Unfortunately, a kid accidentally let go of an inner tube and it came rushing down the bank and smacked right into Ruby. She freaked out, jumping into me and my older step-daughter, and pulling at her leash to get away. The poor kid was really sorry, but I was so concerned for Ruby that I’m sure I gave him the evil eye, immediately comforting Ruby and then taking her up to the grass, away from the water. She is now clearly afraid of all air mattresses and tubes, avidly avoiding them on the walk back through the park to the car (we had to leave shortly after that as she seemed pretty agitated). Poor thing. She’s always been a nervous dog, but she seems extra on edge this summer.

But the rest of the day went well. We hung out, baked some carrot bread in the BBQ (plus another loaf, later, in the oven), read books, chatted on the cool back porch, I mowed part of the very overgrown back yard, and after dinner at about 8:15 we drove over to Pilot Butte and walked up it under a beautiful harvest moon to the East and an equally orange sunset to the West. (I don’t know if it was technically a harvest moon, since the full moon was two days ago, but it was big, and it was orange.) It was nearly dark coming down the trail, but it was worth it.