But hey, I’m just the step-mom


The kids have gone back for what was supposed to be a week, to register for school and do some back-to-school shopping. It’s very quiet here, but a nice break. I was able to work downstairs today where it was cooler and didn’t feel forced to flee the house.

Yesterday, hubby drove the kids to meet their mom. They were supposed to come back here for the remainder of the summer in one week. But of course, things changed at the last-minute again, and suddenly my older step-daughter is going to stay at home for the last few weeks of summer, supposedly so she has a chance to hang out with her friends, and the twins are coming back on Sunday instead of Tuesday. (This was an eleventh hour decision offered to her by her mom—she didn’t even pack for more than a week). Did anybody consult me on this? No. But hey, I’m just the step-mom.

Sure wish I would have known that I wouldn’t see her for a month when I said goodbye yesterday. And we had things we were doing over here—she was putting together a vegan cookbook binder full of copied recipes to take home, we were regularly walking Pilot Butte and making great fitness progress, going through the Engine 2 Diet challenge, etc. In fact, now she’ll miss Rip Esselstyn’s visit on the 23rd. I’m happy she gets to see her friends, but I’m pretty bummed. Plus I think she should be here with her Dad, since we get so little time with them. But hey, I’m just the step-mom. I know that those of you who are step-parents completely understand my frustration.

Nobody seems to be annoyed by this change in plans, but me. So I’ll get over it. I’ll just concentrate on quality time with the twins for the last few weeks. At least that’s my working plan—until things change again.

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