On a I love Sundays roll


When I was a kid, Sundays weren’t relaxing. First, there was hurrying and scurrying to get to church, sitting through church {yawn}, and then often either eating out at some cheesy buffet and/or “going for a drive” out in the country somewhere. As I got older, I had a crap-load of homework hanging over my head, so I would spend half the drive worrying that I wouldn’t have time to finish it, often nagging my parents to take me home.

But now, most Sundays are pretty mellow affairs. No work, and I rarely schedule anything at the station—if I do, it’s usually something mellow I can do at my own pace. Sundays are for sleeping in, making a tofu scramble and/or french toast, catching up on podcasts, catching up on reading, doing a little housework or yard work.

Today I had the morning and most of the afternoon to myself (and the animals, of course) and I did many of those things—slept in, listened to podcasts, made a tofu scramble and french toast with a great raisin bread I made, did a little laundry and dishes, read Packing for Mars by Mary Roach, checked Facebook obsessively for Vida Vegan Con posts, confirmed some travel plans, edited part of an interview we did last week, and meticulously picked and vacuumed broken glass out of the garbage disposal (from the Pyrex loaf pan I smashed to smithereens in the sink last night). That last bit wasn’t terribly relaxing, but I was actually relieved I didn’t have to take all the pipes off under the sink, which we have to do often enough to clean out a temperamental disposal.

And this evening, quality time with family. Nice day.


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