A smashing end to Vida Vegan Con


After our 3.5 hour return trip to Bend, I immediately set to unpacking and sorting all the awesome schwag and goodies from Vida Vegan Con, since I knew I’d be keyed up anyway. So nice to be back with my hub, the twins, and my sweet animal buddies.

I’m starting to feel that post conference let-down, a slight lessening of the euphoria, a bit of nostalgia for one of the best conferences I’ve ever been to.

I’ve been home for less than two hours, it’s late, I’m running on days of short sleep, and I need to unwind. Maybe a bath, maybe read a little of Vegan’s Daily Companion. There will be time over the next few days to recap the rest of the conference. Thank the gods that I planned ahead to take tomorrow morning off.

I can’t go to bed without mentioning that before we left the hotel tonight, a car crashed through the front of the hotel into the front hallway while a handful of us Vida Veganers were still in the lobby. We were eating some snacks before getting in the car to drive back, and chatting away to a fellow conference attendee, when suddenly we heard a tremendously loud crash that sounded like 1000 drinking glasses dropped onto a ceramic floor simultaneously.

And then there was a car, sticking through the glass into the corridor. Pieces of glass were blown all the way across the hall. The only thing keeping the car from entering further into the hall, was the thick beam serving as a handrail. We gawked. Hotel staff gawked. The four elderly in the car sat, stunned. It was {to use a trite but entirely apt cliché’ } as-if-time-were-frozen. Then the driver backed out of the window. And then the occupants of the car just sat there, not getting out. At some point, somebody closest to the front door had the presence of mind to order somebody else to call 911. My phone, of course, was dead. But hotel staff called, and police and EMT were there within minutes.

It looked like no more than minor injuries to the occupants of the car, although I don’t think the same can be said for the front of the building or the car. Very thankfully, since most of the attendees had already left, nobody was in the hall at the time. We had just come down that corridor a few minutes before. A little freaked out about it, actually, now that I’ve had time to think about it. What happened? I can only assume the driver thought he was in reverse. I don’t know what else could explain it.

Later, one of the occupants came in and seemed to be checking into the hotel. I guess they’ll have a good story to tell when they get home. And maybe somebody needs to decide if Grandpa should still be driving. If I remember the story right, it was when my Grandma crashed through the garage door with her car, that her license was finally taken away. Lucky to have a wake up call before somebody is seriously injured or killed…


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