The simple things: a new baking stone


Lately, it seems like each day slips through my fingers with long work days that start too early and are too intense, then jump immediately into radio show prep in the evenings, and then end with me trying to eke out a little time to blog, often staying up too late in the process. Hopefully I’ll get back on track as soon as the next show is done. Or I’ll just learn to live with the craziness.

Tonight, I get to use my new baking stone that I picked up at Bob’s Red Mill last Friday. First I was going to be super practical and buy a 25# bag of hard white wheat flour; it was a good price, I can’t get that quantity in Bend, and since I’ve been baking bread nearly every day for months, we would use it up quickly. But then I decided on the baking stone; it was a great deal and I’ve had my eye out for a replacement for a while since my first cheapy stone didn’t last long at all, cracking about a month into using it. {I’d been using the old stone anyway for the last month or so, pushing the pieces together, thinking it was better than nothing. But let’s face it, it was a pain.} This new “Best” stone is 14 x 16 x 5/8 ” and is almost twice as thick as the old round stone. And it was made in Portland. And it will always remind me of our somewhat surreal trip to Bob’s Red Mill and Vida Vegan Con.

Time to put in the bread!