Nice evening away from the computer


Nice evening away from the computer.

I baked some bread (the rest of the fisherman’s loaf, which turned out really good), made up a new batch of dough, and made a pastrami seitan loaf (recipe from Julie Hasson’s Vegan Diner). I’m always on the lookout for a good pastrami recipe. Back in my meat-eating days I used to judge an establishment by how good they made a pastrami sandwich. I’m still not a huge fan of seitan, although this one didn’t turn out too bad. It’s the texture. Even this loaf, which was steamed, had an airy, slightly spongy texture which I just don’t care for. But the flavor was good and it must have smelled good, because I had a couple of cats begging for some in the kitchen. And they ate the pieces I gave them. I’ll try to make a Reuben sandwich with it tomorrow as the ultimate test. I think next time I’ll try to combine it without massaging the dough too much, season it more strongly (maybe add some liquid smoke, chipotle, and more salt and pepper), and wrap it tighter in the tea towel, if possible.

Sometimes I’m just in a Reuben kind of mood. For lunch today I made up my own Reuben recipe from things I had on hand: Onions, purple cabbage, shredded chickpeas, seasonings, nutritional yeast on grilled fisherman’s bread. With Reuben sauce (ketchup, vegan mayo). It was tasty and very filling.


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