Show notes are up for our Sexy Vegan interview


Quick post tonight: I got the show notes up for our September show—The Sexy Vegan: Food porn, spider moments, and cooking videos that make you laugh out loud. Plus, our Vida Vegan Con recap.”

Trying to get ready to go out of town this weekend for VegFest. My step-kids come tomorrow night, I’ll have a short evening with them, and then I’m getting up at the crack of dawn Saturday to drive to Portland with my veggie friend. Wish there had been a little more time between Vida Vegan Con and VegFest, but what ya gonna do? And we’re planning to get together with a bunch of Vida Veganers, which will be awesome.

Also, it was chilly today! We’d been enjoying the long warm fall, but the weather changes can be rather abrupt around here. So I used it as excuse to put together a crock-pot soup from a Bob’s Red Mill “Vegi Soup” mix I found, so the family would have something to eat tomorrow, along with plenty of home-baked bread.

And that’s about it.