I love it when people surprise me. Have you met Alan?


I love it when people surprise me.

Have you met Alan Roettinger, chef, and author of Speed Vegan? Artist and Poet?

I had the pleasure of sitting in on Alan’s cooking demo at VegFest, where he waxed philosophic, had us all laughing, and gracefully brandished his knives, all the while creating some lovely food in a most non-speedy way. What Alan said Saturday was this: instead of calling himself a vegan, or an animal activist, he considers himself “a joy activist.” And I like that very much, even though I would never consider that label for myself. Joy, it has always seemed to me, is a fake word for people who bury their head in the sand. But Alan 1. did not appear fake, and 2. seemed very aware and in tune with the world.

A quick conversation with Alan at his author’s table solidified my impressions.

So, check out Alan, his philosophy, his books {more than just cookbooks here}, maybe tell him hello:

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  1. Wow–thanks for the plug! I really enjoyed VegFest (and meeting you).

    Just one comment, only because I am an activist: Joy is real (it can be felt), and while it may allow one to hide one’s head in the sand for a while, eventually that will cease to work (joy and ignorance really don’t get along). Joy is just another word for “feeling really good.” To me, it’s the whole point of everything. I guess that was several comments… 😉