Stairway to {cat} heaven or kitties don’t like change

Cat Shelves in Foyer

Kitty Shelves

My husband built these cat shelves high along the wall in our two-story foyer.  At first, we tried to entice the cats to be brave and go all the way up to the window, by leaving food on each shelf. They would go a few shelves, but rarely all the way up to the top. And when they did, they wouldn’t stay long. They certainly weren’t running up and down them like we thought they would. Eventually, we gave up, assuming that they were just not very interested.

Pip on the high cat shelf

Pip on High

It took them a long time to get comfortable, but finally, after a year or so, Pip has started regularly going to the window pillow to hang out and, well, cat nap. I love driving up and seeing her ears through the window. Once in a while, we find Isis up there instead. (Although she tends to run down if we look at her, as if she’s doing something wrong.) Nevermore wants nothing to do with it. And Gordy doesn’t go in that part of the house, but if he did, I have a hunch that he’d be afraid of the shelves as well. Cats are weird.

{BTW, no matter how I tweak them, this yellow looks so drab in the photos. In real life it’s a cheerful (if rather twinkie-like) yellow.}

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