Finally: Kindle library books, and I’m underwhelmed


Finally, I can get some library books on my Kindle. But, annoyingly, even though I have Kindle wireless, when I go to actually download the book, it routes me to my account, and then tells me that my Kindle doesn’t support wireless and that I have to transfer the book via cable. Which is not that big of a deal. But still, it would be much easier and more efficient to just transfer the damn thing over wireless, rather than have to go dig up my cable. What’s up with that?

And I’m not seeing much incentive in downloading this way over the old work-around method. Just a little bit more effort, and I can have a permanent e-pub that’s also searchable on my computer, rather than a temporary time-expired book which doesn’t even identify itself as such on my Kindle. It’s just there, and some day it won’t be there any more, and I doubt I’ll get any warning.

But, hey, these are the early days and things are bound to get smoother. Someday I’ll be able to download a book with one click of my Kindle, much like I can click on a QR Code now with my phone.

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    • I guess that’s the case, and maybe my older Kindle doesn’t have regular wireless (I’ve never needed it because I’ve had the 3G, but I don’t see anywhere to enable it).