SharePoint Saturday prep, New pizza peel, and Wow: the new Kindles


Tons to do tomorrow in prep for SharePoint Saturday, so need to get to bed soon.

Tonight I used my new pizza peel with a free-form loaf of bread—and it worked great! The handle really makes it easier to get the dough off without getting my hands too close to the inside of the hot oven. I’ve slowly been building up my bread making supplies. First I started with a baking stone, then when that one cracked in half, I had to wait to buy another one, and finally I picked up an inexpensive wooden pizza peel at World Market the other day. Up until this point I’ve been putting bread or pizza on a cutting board—and it hasn’t always been easy to get the dough off and onto the baking stone. In fact, I had some epic fails with the last couple of pizzas I made with the kids, which promptly turned into calzones because the dough stuck so badly. Now I can’t wait to try another pizza. The last item I’ve been waiting to get is an oven thermometer. I’ve pretty much figured out by now what temp to put the oven at for bread, and about how long to leave the bread in, but it would be nice to see how accurate the oven is when trying out new recipes. That won’t help when the humidity changes (which I think really threw me off mid summer—even though we live in the high desert, there is definitely some variation), but it will be a start.

Also, wow, the new Kindles look awesome. I wonder how the Fire compares to the Nook? I think the Nook is essentially an Android tablet, whereas the Fire probably is proprietary. But it looks fantastic and is at such a great price. Hmm…