Typical week: vegan food, tabling, protest, radio show, work


My VeganMoFo hasn’t been very exciting yet. I did finally make a fennel top pesto Sunday and also a tempeh pâté from The 30-Day Vegan Challenge. They both tasted in the not-bad category, but the photos did not turn out well (nondescript green, all-around). Unfortunately, I then got sick Sunday night and subsequently decided that everything in my fridge added or created during the weekend grossed me out. Does that ever happen to you?

Tonight, I was short on time, but after making a quick dinner from frozen veggie potstickers, rice, and a few fresh greens from the CSA basket, I had a sweet/chocolate craving and whipped up another small chocolate cake. Which hubby is already trying to bust into while it’s cooling. I won’t be able to resist much longer either. The great thing about this cake, is that it’s not really that sweet tasting, but it is satisfying.

Had a college tabling event for VegNet (World Farm Animal’s Day / World Vegetarian Day) and a protest against the killing of Oregon’s wolves this week, both during lunch hours. Have been working on next week’s radio show in the evenings, SharePointing during the work days. Not much else going on.

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