The show, Fire envy, midnight bread, warehousing animals


Worked on the show until late—at least we got our News mostly done and edited. May be a long weekend getting this show completed. Oh well, totally worth it. The only other commitments I have this weekend are seeing Jane Goodall on Saturday (a friend was nice enough to give me an unused ticket), and my brother’s 50th birthday party on Sunday.

Every day this week, still drooling over the Kindle Fire.

So happy to hear that the Oregon Wolves have a temporary reprieve.

Just put in some midnight bread, as we’ve been mostly out for a few days. I mixed up the dough before I left, so it was left to rise far past the 2 hours, but technically it was supposed to sit another 40 minutes after I shaped it, so we’ll see if it turns out.

I’ve been reading Saving Gracie this week. Depressing, the variety of ways that our society warehouses and mistreats animals—whether in puppy mills, greyhound breeding, or factory farming. Here’s the lesson—it’s cruel to warehouse animals as if they are things. No living creature should have to live its entire life in a cage barely bigger than itself, never to be let out or shown any care or affection. This must stop, in all of its forms. I was surprised to learn that the Amish and Mennonite have participated in puppy mills in Pennsylvania and probably elsewhere—and they are among the worst offenders. WTF? This doesn’t make any sense to me—I would think they’d be the ones that would be more in touch with the earth and the animals.

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  1. Yeah living in Philly, I drive out to Lancaster, PA sometimes (Amish country) and I have seen a lot of puppy mills 😦

  2. Growing up, I used to visit my relatives in Michigan every few years. There’s a big Amish and Mennonite community there. I would have never dreamed that some of them were warehousing and mistreating dogs! 😦