Off kilter weekend


I’m a little out of sorts this weekend, or the weekend was off kilter. Got some things accomplished that I wanted to, but not nearly everything.

Yesterday I had to deal with a well-meaning but disorganized person who caused me to spend a handful of hours of my weekend working on and meeting with them about something that I hadn’t planned on fitting in this weekend. It was something that needed to be done soon, and I would happily have planned to put aside some time to work on it and meet with them, but it was irritating that they just expected me to be available, completely disrupted my Saturday, and then didn’t even thank me for the work I did. As a result, I didn’t get my workout in yesterday and several other things I has planned to do.

I did however, manage to hike Pilot Butte both Friday and today, which is great. I also henna’d my hair today. The henna mixed together weirdly—it looked grainier than normal—and as a consequence it was chunkier and messier than usual. Thankfully, though, it colored just as well as normal. As long as it covers the copious amounts of grey, I’m pretty happy.

And I also mowed the back lawn one more time, as it was still looking a bit shaggy from last week’s long overdue mow.  I’ve been watering the aspens I transplanted frequently, but apparently not enough, as the leaves seem pretty dry. They might not make it, but even if they don’t, maybe the roots will take and shoots will come up next spring. I was able to buy bird food the other day, which I hadn’t done for about 6 months. The little birds haven’t come back yet, at least not that I’ve seen, but a Scrub Jay found it right away and has been hoarding all the peanuts—which is great. I love those guys.

This evening, I spent hours on a butternut squash lasagna, which turned out kind of blah. The squash itself took forever to bake—I’ve roasted squash in a similar manner before by putting squash halves in a glass dish with a ¼” or so of water in the bottom. But I don’t think I waited long enough for it to become completely tender, and as a consequence it didn’t come out of the skin very easily. So I ended up tediously trying to get as much squash as possible out of many small (and very hot) chunks. Perhaps it would have been quicker to peel and chop the squash first after all. To have the entire thing turn out uninspiring was frustrating. Especially since I made an extra one to take to the potluck Wednesday (I’m going to freeze it). Oh well.

I also intended to get down to the station to see if I could help out with the pledge drive. But I didn’t. And the laundry didn’t do itself nor did the house clean itself.

Tomorrow is, as they say, another day. I just wish it was a weekend day.

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