Restless. Nothing to read. Waiting.


Restless. Can’t find a book to delve into since Among Others, which I really enjoyed. I like the concept that the longer you have a thing, the more magical connection it has with you. I’ve been thinking about that for days.

I keep looking through my dwindling supply of library books and my own old collection, reading a bit here and there, and I keep searching for Kindle library books; but nothing is doing it for me right now. And every day I check to see if the new Fantasy and Science Fiction is out on the Kindle. (It looks like the new issue is out in its usual form, but there’s no word on how long the wait is for the Kindle version. And oddly, I posted a message on the Fantasy and Science Fiction Facebook page, only to have it removed almost immediately. I figure they must get too many people asking about subscriptions, and don’t want to clutter up the page, but it still seems a bit strange.) However, I’ve been buying this magazine for 15 years or so, and have had a subscription for good portions of that time—and it’s always been a little sporadic as to when the issue is going to come in the mail, or whether or not it’s available in a local store—so I’ll just have to chill out and wait. It will come along soon enough, I’ll read all the stories in a couple of days, and then have to wait 2 more months anyway.

In the meantime, what am I going to read?! Suggestions?

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