Late night pumpkin bread and Out of Oz


I am sitting here chowing down on this unbelievable vegan pumpkin bread straight from the oven that my step-daughter just made. And Pip is begging me for pieces. (Of course, she’s been trying to pawn all kinds of food off of me lately. She’s queen bee cat now, and has earned her stripes calico blotches, so I don’t mind indulging her a tiny bit. And she’s not the one with the weight problem.)

Out of Oz

Ooh, look what I just got from the library—Out of Oz: The Final Volume in the Wicked Years. I actually took some time to just read tonight. I haven’t been doing enough of that. Been going, going, going in front of the laptop for work and advocacy work way too much over the last week. {And not nearly enough for NaNoWriMo.}

I love this opening quote in Out of Oz:

“We believe the explanation we hear last. It’s one of the ways in which narrative influences our perception of truth. We crave finality, an end to interpretation, not seeing that this too, the tying up of all loose ends in the last chapter, is only a storytelling ruse. The device runs contrary to experience, wouldn’t you say? Time never simplifies—it unravels and complicates. Guilty parties show up everywhere. The plot does nothing but thicken.”    — Michelle de Krester, The Hamilton Case

Funny thing: I had to look up de Krester to see if this was a real author, or a figment. The Hamilton Case is listed at, so it must exist, right? What if and Google started fucking with us and planting all kinds of imaginary “facts” and “data”? Maybe they already do. Maybe the government already does and makes them keep quiet about it. Think about it.

Hmm, maybe we need to keep our critical thinking skills after all.