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A Year of Mindfulness: 52 Weeks of Focus – Week 23

Intention. “What was I thinking picking Intention for one of the weeks for this project? When I looked at this topic a few days ago, I thought ‘what will I ever write about? Intention is what this whole project is about.’ Intention is defined as:

  1. a determination to act in a certain way; resolve
  2. an act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result
  3. the end or object intended; purpose

What is it that you intend for your life? Does one topic come to mind or several? What does intention even mean to you? Have you thought about it? How can you use intention to shape your life if you don’t do so already? Explore the word – and the concept – further this week.”

My intention was to keep up with Mindful52 prompts weekly in 2011. Somehow I’ve managed to post every day, but a weekly prompt just didn’t work for me as well as daily prompts have in the past, and I never got in a good Mindful52 habit. To kick-start my lax writing habit and my non-motivated NaNoWriMo (I’ve let way too many non-profit commitments get in the way this month), I intend to work my way through the rest of the prompts this month as if they were meant to be daily.

What do I intend for the rest of my short time here (getting shorter all the time)?
Purpose. Critical Thinking. Compassion. Skepticism. Laughter. Community. Trust. Love. Respect.

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