Incalculable calicos


Today, we saw the stray calico cat in the front yard. We watched her poke around a bit and then took her out some food. Or course, she spooked and ran way off along the fence towards the back of the house. Within about a half hour, I saw her in the back yard. But wait, she looked bigger. And darker. And where was all the white on her legs and belly? Oddly enough, it was a different calico cat with no collar. This one reminded me of a tom cat by her build and attitude (less skittish), but of course, that would be quite unusual.

With our kitty Pip, that makes 3 calicoes in the near vicinity. What’s up with that?

3 cats of 3 colors.

I wonder if my feeding the one calico ended up attracting the other one? Uh-oh. I also wonder how many stray cats are in our neighborhood. There are a lot of foreclosed houses a few blocks down and still many unemployed people in this town. I wonder if the number of strays has gone up in the last few years. I’ve heard that local horse rescues have been inundated because people just can’t afford to keep their large animals anymore.

I read an interesting book some years ago that I would recommend, Cats are Not Peas: A Calico History of Genetics.

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