Endless media consumption, ethical dilemmas, what keeps life interesting, and remembering 2011’s best foodie weekend



Choose. What was the biggest choice you made in 2011? What caused you to choose what you chose?

Earlier this year, an opportunity fell in my lap which would have benefited me financially, career-wise, stability-wise, and have just put me all around in a better spot. But after some initial research, I realized it involved an organization (and an industry) that while highly respected locally, I could not respect ethically and could not become involved with. Even though I know I made the right choice and it would have been hypocritical of me not to, it was still a very hard decision.


#reverb11 (via dontbeapicklebump.com/reverb/)

“Take a minute and think about what your biggest time wasters. What are they? What would happen if you took some of the time you were spending on these things and focused on pursuing your dreams and goals? Are there other areas in your day where you could work on your passions?

My biggest time waster is definitely online media consumption. I get distracted and jump from thing to thing, trying to absorb as much information as possible, instead of concentrating on one thing at a time. Setting blocks of time to work on individual projects would undoubtedly be helpful.



What flavor did you most relish this year? Perhaps it was a whole meal, but what can you say about the flavors of the last eleven months, what do you want to remember?

One weekend of endless vegan food will never be forgotten.



Catch Phrase. What’s your trademark phrase? Not sure? How about a quote or saying that you repeat often? Bonus points if it’s new for 2011, but we won’t be upset if it’s been around longer than that. Try to put it in context for us if it’s a little abstract. Whoa.

How will you resound?

Life would be boring if we all agreed on everything, or if things always happened in the way we expected them to.


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