Green smoothies galore


I’m celebrating over 7 days in a row of green smoothies! A member of my family needs to gain weight, so I decided that a green smoothie each day, with an organic vanilla hemp protein powder from Trader Joe’s, would work to provide an extra meal and calories.

As a side benefit, it’s working out great for me as well, because I’m supposed to be both upping my fiber and omega intake significantly. The hemp powder has plenty of omega 3s & 6s, plus fiber, and I’ve also been adding freshly ground flax to the smoothies … and to lots of my other snacks and meals throughout my day. I started upping the flax before the smoothies, and I’ve already noticed that my skin is not as dry and itchy as most winters.

I’ve wanted to get into a green smoothie habit for a long time now. Turns out that making one after dinner works out great for us. I never seem to be in the mood for one in the morning, but I like it in the evening.

The only problem is upping the quantity of veggies, fruit, berries, and soy/nut milk from what we usually buy. Today’s smoothie included two bananas, a granny smith apple, frozen mango, peach, and spinach, soy milk, hemp powder, and ground flax. On other days I’ve also used tangerines, avocado, nut butter, celery, carrots, and kale.

Here’s a Facebook page with lots of smoothie ideas: The Smoothie Guy’s Awesome Smoothie Of The Day.


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