Nuti-Loaf at the Healthko—adventures in Lapine


I’m consulting for a few days in a tiny town 45 minutes south of Bend. The client took me to lunch today at a new “cafe.” Turns out it’s a funky health food / homeopathic store with a small kitchenette counter that makes lunch items.

Nuti-Loaf can

Water, ground peanuts, soy protein concentrate, corn flour, rice flour, salt, yeast extract, onion powder, lysine, celery powder

Now last time I was in Lapine, the lunch options were grim. But Healthko has vegan corn dogs on the menu! They have other options available as well—and will pull anything out of the freezer or off the groceries shelves for your lunch. The owners are super nice—the lady (unfortunately, I’ve forgotten her name already, busy day) has been vegan for several years and Ken eats “nearly vegan.” They’re going to expand soon and put in a larger kitchen and seating area. We had a nice chat and I, of course, told them about the radio show and VegNet. {My poor client. Actually, he’s pretty cool about it—I’m sure he suggested the cafe knowing that I might find something to eat there.}

So Ken talked me into trying Nuti-LoafI like to try new things, and it was vegan, so he personally made me up a Nuti-Loaf sandwich on Dave’s Rockin’ Rye bread plus veggies. Nuti-Loaf is a little odd, but has a mild flavor, and is really not that bad. The main ingredient is, of all things: peanuts, but it doesn’t taste like peanuts. It’s kind of like spam in a can, but a little more grainy.


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