Am I the only person who has good memories of Christmas?


Wow. When I said there was drama on the way, I really had no idea what kind of family drama we were in for this morning. Kids. What an exhausting day.

I can’t believe it’s just over a week until Merry Freakin’ Christmas. At least we’ll get the girls on Sunday and maybe they’ll help me make some cookies or play some Xmas music or something. I really wanted to get a tree this year, but I’m not sure at this point that I have the energy (or $) to make it happen. It might be fun to dig out some of the old decorations anyway.

I used to love Christmas. For many years of my childhood, we’d make a day of it to take our permit into the forest and choose a tree to cut down. And Mom had boxes and boxes and boxes of holiday decorations (for every holiday). We would make a big event out of decorating the house and the tree. Am I the only person who has good memories of Christmas?


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  1. Oh yes. Good memories, despite my long standing dislike of Christmas and as a child, christmas sulks. I think I must have been a horrible child….to tell you the truth I am still prone to tantrums as an adult ;). I think because our family were troubled and then scattered, we made the most of christmas get togethers when we could. I also wanted a real tree this year but they seem to have gone up in price so much this year. We are using the artificial one we bought last year. Have my son’s home made decorations on it as usual from his childhood, and most of the decorations hold some special memories anyway. Enjoy your decorating and the kids.