Crammed in the corner, time travelling with Connie Willis


Gave up my home office last summer for a kid bedroom. Being crammed in the corner of the master bedroom is getting very old. Everything’s a bloody mess. Maybe tomorrow I can reorganize somehow. I miss having my own space.

In the meantime, so many good books to read right now.

I’m on the library wait list for the hardcover All About Emily by Connie Willis. {I wish more books were available as library ebooks. But pretty cool that I could get the Kindle book from Amazon right now for $4.99, when the hardcover is not yet released.}

I loved To Say Nothing of the Dog {probably the first time travel fantasy that I ever appreciated} and enjoyed Bellwether and Lincoln’s Dreams as well. I didn’t know Willis had published several other books in the last few years, including Blackout, which I got from the library today. It sounds like All Clear is the followup to Blackout, so I have that on order too.

But first, I still have to finish up Shades of Grey. Nearly there. Not sure if I want to jump into another Fforde next, or go with Willis…

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