A great resource on elephants: Elephant Voices


I just came across this great elephant resource: Elephant Voices, run by elephant researcher Joyce Pool. It covers all conceivable elephant-related issues in our modern world—from poaching and culling in the wild, to the treatment of elephants in captivity around the world (zoos, circuses, etc). I can see myself spending many hours reading through the wealth of information here.

A voice for elephants

“As we enter the 21st Century, a multitude of human practices threaten the survival and well being of wild elephants. The killing of elephants for their tusks is out of control once again, accounting for as many as 38,000 elephant mortalities each year (Scientific American, July 2009 (2.59 MB). To this figure add the thousands of calves who die as a result of their mother’s deaths. The wanton destruction of habitat and the killing of elephants due to conflict over diminishing resources adds many thousands more deaths to the overall figure. And then comes the individual elephants who are killed for sport, those that are killed in the name of management, and the capture of wild calves for human entertainment.

The conservation and ethical treatment of wild elephants is of paramount importance, yet the individual distress and misery suffered by many captive elephants is also appalling and, given that many live in the zoos and circuses of wealthy countries, is totally unacceptable.

With four decades of groundbreaking research on wild elephants, we are in a position to speak with confidence on the interests of elephants, wherever they may be. These scientific discoveries indicate that we need to improve the way we care for elephants, and demand that we err on the side of caution when the interests of elephants are being considered.”

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