Martin Luther King day: thinking about social justice, peace, and veganism


The twins have been in school for exactly one week and already have a day off: Monday is Martin Luther King day. Today, they asked me if they could go to the school on Monday to help with a day of service project with the school garden. How cool is that? I think I might volunteer myself for a few hours as well. {Depending on how cold / how much snow there is, as we’re supposed to get a little Sunday night. It’s really been a super mellow winter so far with a bit of cold weather here and there, but very little snow.}

It got me thinking about Martin Luther King. I found this article (A Vegan Lifestyle Honors Martin Luther King, Jr., by Virginia Messina), which reminded me that his wife, Coretta Scott King, was vegan for more than 10 years before she died, and his son, Dexter Scott King, has been vegan for 20+ years. I also learned through this article that Bronson Alcott, father of Little Women author Louisa May Alcott, was an avid anti-slavery abolitionist and a vegan.

So many social justice and peace activists have seen the link between human and animal issues. Another example: César Chávez.

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