Wait, we’re not done yet? Snow!


Wait, we’re not done yet?

“Major Winter Storm from Pacific Northwest to the Northern Rockies 

Late Tuesday night through Wednesday, a strong low-pressure system with copious amounts of moisture will approach the Northwest coast. This will set the stage for a major winter storm across the lower elevations and mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Travel could become dangerous or impossible in the cities listed below, just to name a few.”

Cities in the winter storm threat zone: Seattle | Olympia | Bellingham | Portland/Vancouver |”

“Since Sunday, snow showers have been falling off and on across the lower elevations of the Pacific Northwest. This wintry pattern will be capped off by a major, potentially historic, winter storm that will move across the region through Wednesday.”

So technically, Bend is not listed above. But, still. For Bend, they’re predicting another 3-5″ tonight and 4-6″ tomorrow—on top of what we got after it snowed steadily all day today. We often get a little less on the East side and it had blown around so much by the time I got home, that I couldn’t really tell how much had accumulated. But the West side probably had 3-6″? and the roads were icy, especially up at the college. And if it rains tomorrow afternoon—after the snow, as predicted—it’s going to be quite a mess. But at least a fair amount of people know how to drive in snow around here. Those cities above, not so much.

I love it! A nice fat dramatic storm after a wimpy mild start to winter. No matter how much it snows, I always wish it would snow more. And I’m not even a winter sports kind of girl. Hope we all get a snow day tomorrow.

I do feel badly about the calico cat who is still living under our porch, though. I’ve been trying to convince her to come in, or at least let me touch her, but she is just too wary. I see her every day or so: she’ll come closer than she used to, and meow at me, and I’ll talk back to her. We even hung out near each other for a while on a recent sunny day. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s been using the shelter I set up for her, other than to eat. There’s been a lot going on around here, but I need to borrow that live-trap very soon and hopefully nab her that way, so that we can find her a warm safe home.