Phyllo plus curried potatoes = Samosas!


Little step-girl and I made our first recipe from The 30-Minute Vegan’s Taste of the East tonight: Samosas! It was a fun project to do together. They turned out great, in spite of my not having mustard seeds or curry leaves. (Alas, no photos).  

It was my first experience with phyllo pastry sheets. The recipe is really pretty simple (steam potatoes, add spices, mash, prepare phyllo sheets, put a dab of curried potato on sheets, fold up, bake), but it took quite a while because we made a double batch, and the recipe called for triple-layering the phyllo sheets, brushing them “lightly” with oil/vegan butter in between each sheet. Those first few sheets were not so lightly brushed, but we got the hang of it eventually. And some of them folded neatly like flags into triangles, whereas others were not so pretty. Especially as I got in more of a hurry, just wanting to get them done and in the oven!

They were very tasty, thanks to the light, flakey, and buttery layers. These would be good to use for school lunches next week, but I doubt any will last that long.


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