Now I’ve done it


So… I had an opportunity to capture the calico cat tonight! It wasn’t planned—but she was out there, and we were talking, anD


Ha! So I’m hanging out in the master bathroom with the calico, typing away about her. And she decides to come up and try to crawl in my lap, stepping on the keyboard—and then manages to hit the right keys to publish the post!

AS I WAS SAYING, we were talking, and she was looking for her food, and I had put it as usual in the back of her crate. And she went right in there to get it. And I had only a few seconds to think—this is it—do I want to capture her? She might freak out and never trust me again. But I did it. And she’s fine. She was scared and nervous and meowed a lot for about 20 minutes, but then she settled down and has been hanging out. The other animals are probably a little upset. But every one of the resident cats was rescued from a life on the streets, so you would think they would understand.

Anyway, we’ll take a little trip in the morning to the local spay and neuter clinic to see if they can scan for a chip and/or see if she’s spayed. She seems a little stout—hopefully she’s not pregnant! I also need to put up signs in the neighborhood to see if anybody “owns” her. Like I don’t have enough to do! But I hated to see her out there in the freezing cold all the time.

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