February show is done, kids do the fitness center


Short night last night, but the All Things Vegan February show is done and aired today locally. I hope to post show notes and the archive of both the January and February shows within a few days.

Now that another show is out of the way, on to the bazillion other things that need my attention. I took the kids to the fitness center this evening. The twins both did some lap swimming and rec swimming. It was so fun to see my step-daughter zipping along in her lane—she was on swim team back at her mom’s and seems to enjoy it and have a knack for it. And it’s good to see my step-son active as well. They both have daily P.E. at school, so are getting exercise in, but extra activity certainly doesn’t hurt. My oldest step-daughter and I are going to try yoga together sometime this week. She came to one of my classes years ago and enjoyed it, so hopefully we can find one that fits into both of our schedules.

I was able to watch the twins swim quite a bit and also do the elliptical for a while. It’s so nice to have somewhere to go during the cold winter months—I haven’t had any equipment available to me for years. Last year after I injured my knee and it was healing, I so could have used a stationary bike. 

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