OK, I may have gone too far with the Zumba


So I’m a little tired and sore. Yoga this morning AND Zumba tonight. (Zumba because my step-girl wanted to go and I wanted to do it while she was enthused about it). I cannot dance, nor am I very coordinated, so I normally avoid classes like these. But we had fun and I’m sure I was pretty amusing to watch.  

I don’t want to crash and burn, doing too many fitness things at once, just because I can now go to the fitness center every day. I also don’t want to spend too much time there. If I were just doing things on my own, the No Excuses way, I’d only need to do a 20-25-minute interval workout 3 times a week and then my NEWO 3 days a week (about 30-minutes per). So I’ll be keeping those totals in mind.

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