Broken hearts, hairy circus men with flasks, and meeting the killer bread man


My little step-girl had her heart broken today by her first boyfriend. That sucks.

But we went to Winterfest anyway—all three kids and a kid friend. Hopefully it was a good distraction.


  • Larry and his Flaska lively and crazy circus of hairy men who frequently swapped outrageous instruments (stand-up bass that did everything but stand there, french horn, trombone, harmonica, banjo…) and created music out of what looked like general mayhem.
  • I finally got to meet Dave of Dave’s Killer Bread; he was at their Winterfest booth. Although he was a bit under the weather and was clearly exhausted from speaking to Congress today (!) and flying back across the country, he graciously talked with me for a few minutes. He said he shared a lengthy Gandhi quote with themhe was going to recite it for me, but I think we got talking about something else. I asked him if he was vegan, since all of his products seem to be. He said no (and seemed embarrassed); that it would be the most compassionate way to be, but that he had tried and couldn’t make it work so far. I asked him what had been his biggest challenge in trying to be vegan. He said vegetables, but his fiance had been making him juice recently, and that was working out pretty well, so there was still hope. Of course, I also gave him a card and asked him if  we might interview him sometime. He also signed coloring books for all the kids (even my 15-y-o) and we took a group photo.

  • My older step-daughter and I shared a splendid chocolate vegan cupcake from Ida’s Cupcake Café.

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