Geek gadget of the day: laptop cooling pad


Laptop cooling pad

I’m loving this laptop fan/pad. It’s going to be a long while before I’m able to afford a new laptop and my old Dell gets super hot, even when it’s just sitting there doing nothing. This fan serves as a laptop holder and cooling fan. It has a short cord that plugs into a spare USB port. On low, I can’t even really hear it and when the laptop is not in use it keeps very cool. During use, the laptop still warms up a bit, but the higher setting on the pad works well to compensate and is still very quiet. I only wish the fan covered the entire area underneath the laptop, because the front 1/3 of the laptop underneath the touch-pad area still warms up more than the back 2/3. (Also, there is a more expensive version with built-in speakers, which would be awesome.)

I took my older step-daughter to her first IgniteBend tonight: IgniteBend 8. It was a good mix of topics, as usual, with some audience participation thrown in. My favorite might have been the Roundabout Etiquette talk.


2 responses

  1. This looks like a much more effective cooling method than I currently use at home for our Dell laptop: The laptop sits on an atlas, with 2 decks of playing cards and a block of wood serving as spacers for air flow. It works, but once in a while the fans still kick into “launch mode”.

    In an odd parallel, I also took my daughter to her first IgniteBend last night!

  2. I know, I was always trying to balance my laptop on a book, because it would get so freaking hot. And a full-size laptop desk would just make it hotter, because of the lack of air flow.

    Did you both enjoy Ignite? I think my step-daughter had fun.