Random from this week: Downton Abbey finale, bye bye bank, filing, Biggest Loser, quiet weekend ahead


Random from this week:

Downton Abbey finale: Good, but the happy ending with Mary & Matthew seemed somewhat contrived—even though it was what we all clearly wanted. I can’t believe we have to wait a year for season 3. How are we going to stay interested? Is this going to be like the Sopranos: So long between seasons that I just don’t care anymore by the time it comes around?

Opened credit union accounts last week, closed my bank accounts today. {Of course, I still have a credit card with the bank, so I can’t get rid of them completely—yet!} The bank guy who helped me seemed pretty defeated. With his job. And his life. It was weird, really. Hope he’s OK.

Spent the afternoon and evening filing papers while having my own personal Biggest Loser marathon. I’ve had so little personal time in the last month or so that isn’t filled up with kids and other busyness, that I’ve been very behind on my Hulu queue. {I haven’t gotten much reading done, either, which is sad.) I’m not really feeling BL this season, but I keep watching anyway.

I’ve been recreating my home office in the west section of the living room, and I finally brought one small filing cabinet down today. I can’t believe that I still have so much paper, when I have a perfectly good scanner. I think fear holds me back—“What if I need that original some day?” But, over the years I’ve gotten better. I definitely recycled way more paper than I filed today. Most of it needs shredded, though, which is a pain.

I hope to reinstall my laptop software this weekend. The only other things I have planned are yoga tomorrow morning, cardio of some sort on Sunday, and the last Vegan Pledge Sunday evening. It’s going to be a deliciously quiet weekend—the kids are at their mom’s.



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