Another beautiful snowstorm set the tone for the day


Woke up to yet another beautiful snowstorm. I really do love snow, even though I don’t get out to play in it much. This time, the kids were here to enjoy it, even though they were bummed that it wasn’t a snow day. It was a slow ride to school—we were 20+ minutes late by the time I got the twins across town—but my step-son was only late to guitar practice, not school itself. Then I hung out with an English Breakfast tea at a restaurant/cafe I hadn’t been to for a while, killing a little time before yoga. I was uncharacteristically calm and content much of today—before and after yoga. It was nice.

The day still slipped away too quickly. I was trying to get my laptop backed up and re-installed, as I’ve been having some issues for a while. I really wanted to get it done today, but I still haven’t even finished backing up everything. I’m always afraid I’m going to forget something important—like last year’s tax files, or a key document that I may need to reference—or that I won’t be able to reinstall a piece of software because I won’t be able to locate the download, or the serial number.

I went out for a while in the late afternoon to shovel the driveway. This evening, I took the girls to Walmart. Not my favorite place, but we had some gift cards and if we’re going to have this late winter, the kids need stuff like snow boots so they can play in the snow, walk home from school, or go on snow-shoe outings. A few weeks ago we got the twins snow pants, mittens/gloves, thermal underwear, and hats. But my older step-daughter also needed specific items like black pants and shoes for choir. They already get a lot of help with clothes from their mom, but this is stuff kind of specific to our climate and our schools, I guess. Anyway, we’re stocked up now. I even got some new snow boots, which is nice, since my old ones leak.


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