Sadistic school schedules, snow shoveling, lucky field trips, and settling in


I woke up today to a text message from the school district: Two-hour snow delay! It didn’t really seem like we got more snow than the day before, or that the roads were any worse, but whatever. As a new parent with kids in school, each of these disruptions is a first. First snow day, first two-hour delay day, first time somebody is sick and you have to call the school, or go to the school and pick somebody up early (OK, so these last 2 things haven’t happened, but they will eventually). And then we have the sadistic “Early Release” Wednesdays. Whose bright idea was that? I can’t imagine how parents with regular 8-5 jobs deal with all of this. Luckily, I have quite a bit of flexibility. Especially now. I’ll get to that one of these days.

The good news is that I got to go back to bed for an hour. The kids were already up and dressed so they just read and hung out. (I’m not getting to bed anywhere near their 9p bedtime). Then, when I got up, instead of going to yoga, I decided to shovel and I roped everybody into coming outside with me and getting some snow time in. It was bright and sunny by that point, and not too cold. I shoveled, they goofed around. It was great.

And the twins still got to go cross-country skiing today at school (for the 2nd time). I love that they do those kind of field trips at the magnet school. Lucky!

It seems like everybody is really settling in by now. It’s still new, but we all know basically what to expect. Everyone is getting involved in after school activities and getting to know classmates. The animals have loosened up as well, and seem very happy to have the kids here. They are forming bonds with the kids that they never had time for before. I hope the kids are starting to think of here as home.


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