New group: TrapFree Central Oregon


I attended a TrapFree Oregon community meeting in Bend tonight, with about 70 attendees. It was my first introduction to the group, which is just getting started in Central Oregon (even though it sounds like the main group has been around for five years or so). The group aims to “eliminate legal trapping on public lands in Oregon.”

People told personal stories of their pets, (and sometimes themselves) getting caught in traps on public lands, and what extreme measures they had to take to remove the traps. Of course, good-hearted people have sometimes rescued trapped wildlife as well, illegally, and at great risk to themselves. (Sidenote: Did you know in Oregon that it’s illegal to rehabilitate an injured coyote?) Several traps were there for demo, which was great, since I’ve rarely (if ever) seem them up close and would have had no idea how to release them. I still don’t know if I would remember how or have the strength to do it, even after the demo. The TrapFree website has directions and a brochure you can download.

We’re going to interview a couple of people tomorrow night for the show. Powerful stuff. About a year ago, we interviewed a documentary filmmaker about trapping, but this will be a different take on it.


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