Is it only Tuesday?


Very long day. And I’ve stayed up too late. Brief recap:

  • Kids to school.
  • Elliptical at gym.
  • Client work.
  • VegNet lunch get-together at Broken Top Bottle Shop. I had a huge tempeh vegan special plate. It’s actually relaxing to hang out a little with folks when it’s not a potluck and we’re not scrambling around with setup, meeting agendas, AV, and cleanup, etc.
  • Practice interview with Skype at the studio.
  • Found out my oldest step-daughter got a part in the play Harvey at her new high school. I’m ridiculously excited for her. Double-Woot!
  • Kids from school.
  • Client work.
  • Fun but tiring night at the studio. We had three people in: one to do a sweeper, and two to interview. The interviewees were involved in the trapping meeting last night and both had great stories, which we’ll be getting into one of the two shows in March.
  • Late night emergency run to Fred Meyer to replace a broken French Press.
  • Posting photos and comments about today’s lunch to Facebook, and general unwinding.

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