Quiet house


I’m enjoying the quiet house tonight after a lot of running around this morning and early afternoon.

Volunteering at the raw vegan cafe turned into a crazy make-smoothies -in-VitaMixes-as-fast-as-you-can-without-knowing-where-anything-is-during-the-lunch-rush-in-a-tiny-kitchen-with-3-other-people kind of thing. It was fun, but I hope to go back another more mellow day.

Not feeling so hot today. I definitely slacked off on my omega 3 intake this last month (I had bumped up the ground flax consumption significantly). I’ve got to get back into the habit. I was also so busy this week that I got out of my fitness routine, missing Wednesday and today, so that isn’t helping. Hopefully, I’ll feel motivated to go to the 9:30 yoga class tomorrow morning. Gotta get there early though—it’s a packed one.


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