What is that irritating driver who doesn’t know how to drive in a roundabout teaching me?


My inner voice was really trying to convince me to go back to sleep this morning, but I successfully ignored it and got up anyway for yoga. I had a nice hour of waking up and having some tea and oatmeal before leaving. I like the teacher on Saturday mornings. She has a great calming and thoughtful spirit about her, and she has a theme for each class that she discusses at the beginning, before we get going, and then comes back to throughout the session.

The only problem is that I’m not the only one who likes her class—it is very overcrowded and if anybody gets there on time or later, people have to keep moving their mats to accommodate. Often, we’re bumping into one another with our arms to the sides, or sometimes with the person in front or behind us. I think I’ve made it to the Saturday class 4 times (3 with this teacher, once with a sub), and every time I’ve arrived too late to get a decent spot. Today, I was determined to get there 15 minutes early. But I didn’t. And I was crammed up in the corner and next to the medicine balls, which I kept hitting with my left arm. {At least I got a spot. Thursday I arrived just about on time, or maybe a minute or so late to a different class, and I didn’t end up going in because I couldn’t see one spot where I could possibly squeeze in.}

And yet, I still enjoyed the class and was very glad that I went. Something I’ve been working on lately is coping with things that irritate me. For instance, starting yoga back up again after an absence has been challenging physically and mentally. Sometimes I find myself getting irritated that I’m not familiar with a pose, or that the teacher is not explaining it more fully. Or we are going too fast. Or that my thighs are on fire and we’re doing yet another warrior sequence. But through yoga I’m learning to take that irritation—recognize it—and accept that it is there to teach me patience, or acceptance. Then set it aside. In my everyday life, there are, of course, many things that irritate me. But now my first thought is, recognize it— accept what it is there to teach me, and then set it aside. Does this work miracles in all situations? No. But it’s a start.

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