WordPress, Biggest Loser


Tonight I went to my bi-monthly WordPress and Beer user group. Such a mellow group of interesting people, mostly independent consultants. I’m learning a lot of good stuff there, which isn’t necessarily WordPress related. I showed up without beer again, but honestly, I’m still not feeling great so it just didn’t sound good.

Afterwards, I chilled out a bit by watching the latest Biggest Loser on Hulu. One thing about the show really bothered me tonight though—the roasted pig. Did they really have to show that poor pig’s body again and again as they were doing the challenge? It was sad. {At least they didn’t show the contestants eating the pig.} The product placement spots continue to be annoying as well, as they keep spouting outdated nutrition information and pushing dairy, etc. Other than issues like these, I do look forward to watching the show, because I like transformation stories.

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