Thanking the gods for tomorrows and do-overs


Well… this day didn’t turn out the way I expected it to: Not enough sleep, and incredibly stressful unexpected events in the morning.

And then I ended up having to drive the kids across the pass to meet their mom so they could go home for a long weekend. Once we were on our way, it didn’t seem so bad: Bright blue skies and brilliant white snow-drenched mountains; the roads were wet, but clear. The trip to the meeting point was uneventful. But about 1/2 hour into the return trip at the top of Santiam pass, traffic came to a dead stop. For 45 minutes.

Fortunately, I ended up right next to a turnout and was able to pull over, turn off the car, and listen to a podcast while cleaning out trash from the car and my purse. Even more fortunately, I had stopped at the earlier rest area. At some point, a sander came and shared the space with me. And began waiting. Then, a tow-truck coming from the other direction turned in and turned around, obviously waiting for traffic to start up again so he could take the poor truck home. The truck didn’t look too munched—but it clearly looked like it had nose-dived into one of the gigantic snowdrifts on the side of the road—the hood was propped open with a mouthful of hard packed snow. It’s also possible that snow avalanched onto the truck—there was a lot of melting going on up there, and on the first leg of the trip there were several spots in that area where melting snow was spilling onto the highway.

So that was fun! But I was able to run in to Trader Joe’s on the way home and grab a few things before getting to the Costco pharmacy just before they closed. And now I’m home and exhausted. My stomach hurts, I didn’t get a consulting contract out that I needed to, and I didn’t get my news done that we were going to record in the morning for the show. But I’m here having a late dinner, am going to bed early, and am thanking the gods for tomorrows and do-overs.


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