No, it’s not a full moon


This has been a weird couple of days:

  • Yesterday, my older step-daughter went sledding and came back with a bruised and scraped up face, having had an {apparently} spectacular wipe-out.
  • Last night, Nevermore fell or jumped off the high window when I was sitting on the bed and landed on my head with all of her claws out.
  • I almost lost the “stray” cat over the back fence when she shot out the back door this morning.
  • Had a cop come by saying one of our neighbors complained about our basketball hoop being on the street, because they couldn’t easily pull in to get to their mailbox, which happens to be in front of our house. B.S., because it wasn’t blocking anybody, and the mailman has never had a problem with it there. And yet, they moved it themselves twice, putting it on our lawn (killing the grass). And then when we were thinking, “What the heck, who is moving our basketball hoop?,” we moved it to a totally different side of the driveway, nowhere near the mailboxes. Then they called the city. We found out it was an elderly couple in the corner of the cul-de-sac. Ever heard of knocking on your neighbor’s door? Crazy thing is, the cop said it was actually illegal to have anything out on the street and if we were fined, it would be nearly $300. I’ve lived here for 10 years and everybody puts their basketball hoops on the street, especially in a cul-de-sac. So glad my neighbors wasted our law enforcement time with their ridiculous complaint. My husband went over to talk with them, and everything is cool, but I’m still highly annoyed. Can you tell? And talking with the cop made me late picking up the kids.
  • Some crazy cab driver ran a stop sign and almost plowed into my husband with a car full of kids.
  • Sent one kid friend home only to have a new friend come over, and then stay the night. It seems like almost all I did today was negotiate kid swaps.
  • One of the cats is acting really weird, because she just can’t handle all the commotion and new kids in the house.
  • Some of the kids are acting a little crazy, because they just can’t handle all the commotion and new kids in the house.

At least the twins are having fun this week at Kids Radio Camp, and the potluck tonight went well!