Where to go from here?


I’ve been thinking lately about what more I can do for the animals. I feel that my efforts (the radio show, our local VegNet group) are important, but I also wonder how I could be effective in other ways. Hands-on rescue work with domestic or wild animals? Animals studies? Wildlife advocacy? Could I run a shelter or help start a sanctuary? Is there a vegan-based business that I could create that would make enough to take care of my family? What about that vegan food cart?

Here’s a conference that I’d really like to go to, even though I’m not currently volunteering at a shelter. No Kill Conference. People are successfully creating nearly no-kill shelters all over the country that save up to 98% of the animals that they take in. And yet, our local shelter is not anywhere near that, nor are they on board with this philosophy, from what I’ve heard. But, I haven’t talked with them directly. Apparently, the Redmond shelter has gotten a lot closer—I’m thinking of calling them up to get an interview about their no-kill efforts.

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