Getting organized with Cozi


After getting my stepson’s track meet schedule tonight, I got sucked into a long editing session on the family Cozi calendar. I used to think all we needed was Google calendar, but this actually has some pretty nifty shared features for multiple family members with varying schedules. 

Not only can you color code family member’s activities, but you can also create regular “routines,” and then put in events that dynamically supersede the regular events, keeping the calendar from becoming cluttered with redundant or overlapping appointments.

The best thing about Cozi is the native Android apps. All of the kids can pull up Cozi using their Kindle Fires. I can also get it on my phone. There’s a shared shopping list that I use all the time when I’m at the store, even though it’s a bit buggy and slow on my Android phone. There’s also a to-do list option, although I haven’t quite figured out how different family members are supposed to be able to easily access their lists. Once I understand that, I plan to put the kids’ weekly routines and rotating family chores in there as well.

The Cozi team seems to add new features frequently. I got mine originally through Flylady, but you can also go right to to download it. It’s ad-supported, but I haven’t found it to be too big of a hindrance yet.


2 responses

  1. I started using Cozi to organize my family calendar last year. It has made a huge difference in keeping track of our schedules. I keep all my appointments/meetings in Outlook at work, and so does my husband at his work, but we can sync with Cozi and have them all show up there. When we get the weekly email on Sunday we can look ahead to the upcoming week and plan accordingly. With a 10-year old daughter attending classes and camps, it helps too. I can only imagine as she gets older (and someday my household gets a smart phone) that it will be even more useful. I like the idea of tracking chores there too!

  2. Hi Barb, This is Carol from Cozi. Thanks so much for sharing Cozi with your readers! As a busy (swim team) mom myself, I agree that having the schedules feature huge help with sports schedules. If I can ever answer any questions for you, I hope you;ll hop on over to our facebook page and ask. Thanks! ^Carol