Skype, taxes, sweet potato split pea soup, and chocolate cake


We spent several hours at the studio earlier today configuring Skype to work with our equipment; I think we’ve got it all worked out now and are ready to use it for interviews. It sounds a lot more clear than the phone patch, and is bound to be more reliable, so we’ll see how it goes.

This evening I dove into tax prep and I think I got it about half done, which is great. I’m a little bit more caught up with bookkeeping this year, and not a lot has changed from last year, so it should be relatively straightforward. But it’s still 6 separate tax forms, so it takes a little while to get everything organized, plugged in, and reviewed. I can’t wait until the day that my husband and I are able to file jointly instead of separately—that will save some work on my end and potentially some money, depending on the year. We’ll be claiming the kids next year too, so that will be a positive changes for taxes as well.

I also got a split-pea soup with sweet potatoes going in the crock-pot. I seasoned it with liquid smoke, dulse, tarragon, cumin, and chipotle powder. {I was able to pick up a big bag of split-peas and one of lentils at Cash&Carry the other day; it’s a store that caters to restaurants and business owners.} They’re not organic, but those two aren’t on the dirty dozen list, so I compromised this time to help with the budget. So now I have half of a pan of polenta lasagna and the soup to start the week’s meals off when the kids get home tomorrow evening. I’d really like to start meal planning for the week, so that I can better stick to a budget. But the thought of taking hours to pour through cookbooks or online looking for recipes that seem doable and then compiling the ingredients is daunting and is the kind of thing I could waste hours on. I’ll figure something out.

I also made chocolate cake tonight. And then didn’t eat it. I was craving it for a few days, but it’s now pretty late, I’m full, and it just doesn’t sound good. Rats.