Gotta love veggie lunch with friends


Great monthly lunch today with a few VegNet friends. We tried the new restaurant Barrio Bend. I knew the food would be tasty, because the guys who opened the restaurant formerly had this awesome food cart—and they would always make me something deliciously vegan.

It did not disappoint. Several of us had the Chili Glazed Yam and it was fantastic. {I only wish there had been more of it, as the portion was smallish and I could easily have eaten two plates.} The barely spicy and slightly sweet chili glaze really made the dish; This would be a challenging one to duplicate at home.

I really like the vegan lunches we’ve been having. We go to a different restaurant each month and order vegan food. It shows the restaurants that there is a demand, and it’s a great way to socialize in a small group with a few people in a way that’s just not possible in the larger potluck setting, especially when we’re running around there with our heads cut off.


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