Taxes, taxes, taxes. Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!


7 hours into more tax prep and hopefully I’ll have the discipline to stop soon. Problem is, when I sit down to the taxes, I like to get every single account completed reconciled and balanced in Quicken—up to today. It’s kind of fun in an obsessive-compulsive anal-retentive kind of way. {Uh, don’t tell anybody I said that!}

So, almost everything is in good order, and I just need to plug in a bit more biz data, generate a few reports, get my thrift store donation lists entered, and then review all the preliminary stuff that I started last week. Piece of cake, right? {I just hope it doesn’t take the entire day tomorrow.}

At least this year I didn’t see anybody on twitter or Facebook in January or February bragging about getting their taxes done early. I hate that; so rude.


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