Tax musings


Man, I always think that this year I’ll be able to do my taxes quicker because I’m more caught up, it’s similar to last year, blah blah blah. Or that next year I’ll do a little bit of bookkeeping each week and then get my taxes done early, with no rush. But those things never happen. And here I am, once again, up half the night, trying to figure out which way to go, file jointly or separately?, recalculating medical expenses, hoping nothing triggers the evil eye. And every year I plug in our info to see if maybe we should file jointly—and then it turns out filing married separate is either so close that it’s not worth risking my refund, or actually a better deal. Now next year, when we have kids to claim, it will be a completely different story—to the tune of 1000’s of dollars. {I’ll also have quite a bit of unemployment income that has not been taxed.}

But that’s an entire year away. And I have to get up in only a few hours to drive the kids to school. So, the taxes won’t get done tonight. Not quite. I could blame it on the cat getting out today and having to look for her around the neighborhood, or the kid falling off her bike and getting bruised and scraped. But really, it’s just me. And the books. And my habits. And my fears. Of doing it wrong. Of not getting that refund that we could really really use about now. Of owing money that we don’t have. If we had a money buffer right now, I’d be done with the taxes. Because I wouldn’t be obsessing over making sure to include every little thing, every single deduction we possibly qualify for.

I’m sure many of you (in the U.S.) know my pain.


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