Productive, but bittersweet weekend


Productive, but bittersweet weekend.

  • Walked Pilot Butte Saturday (with step-son).
  • Caught up on Glee’s with the twins while older step-daughter had a sleep-over.
  • Hung out with step-son while my younger step-daughter had a sleep-over and the older was out with the sleep-over friends.
  • Made the kids help me weed the raised garden beds for ½ hour (we timed it). That plus ½ hour from two kids yesterday = 75% weeded. A little more effort this week and we can plant seeds.
  • Purged, cleaned, and organized the Lazy Susan, the silverware drawer, and two cupboards in the kitchen (with kid help). Repaired a cupboard door with a hinge that had come loose (later, hubby and son repaired it more permanently by replacing the ridiculously short screws with longer ones).
  • Had a family meeting to discuss switching kid bedrooms. Weighed in, then helped by clearing a spot in my living room home office and dining room area for two bookcases. Moved all the books from the smaller bookcase downstairs (with kid help) and re-assembled in the new spot.
  • Listened to bits and pieces of The Food Revolution.
  • Vaguely wished that I had been able to attend TedX Bend (if only the tickets weren’t somewhere around $60! What’s up with that?! And even the volunteers weren’t going to be able to see the event.)
  • Did some news research for the show.
  • Took out Caesar’s large birdcage from the living room. We had left it in place for a week to mourn a bit. (We also got Caesar’s ashes back yesterday). Put the birdcage in the back yard to be stripped and cleaned sometime soon.
  • Worried in the back of my mind about not finding a job yet and what the next month would bring.
  • Finished the first story out of the new Fantasy and Sci Fi issue.

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