Counting the good things


This has been a rough and disappointing week on a number of levels.

But one good thing did happen: I was really wanting to get back into going to the fitness center more regularly, maybe doing yoga every day for a while to help get my head into a better spot. And I was trying to figure out how to pay for another quarter, even at our special discount. When I went to scan in yesterday, there was a problem with my account. Uh-oh, I thought—time went by faster than I realized and we’ve expired already. But no, on the contrary, we had been gifted three months of family pass and there had been a glitch in the system causing a gap between the current date and our normal renewal date a few weeks away. They got it fixed up, and we’re good to go  into August! What a nice surprise. I knew immediately who had done it—it was a county resource coordinator who also helped my step-son with a track scholarship. She had mentioned several months ago maybe being able to help with kid passes at Juniper, but I thought it probably wasn’t going to happen. It will be great for the twins to be able to go to the outdoor pool all summer and I’m happy to be able to continue yoga and have access to the cardio machines. Maybe my older step-daughter will continue to come to yoga with me as well.

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